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In this blog the U.S Soccer Scholarships team will give you an insight into what an American Soccer Scholarship entails.

The fundamentals of any American Scholarship are always based on hard work in the classroom and on the field of play. To ensure your playing eligibility is maintained you must always meet your required G.P.A. In the USA, academics come first and if you don’t meet your colleges G.P.A requirements, you simply won’t be allowed to play in your chosen sport competitively.

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When attending a college on a scholarship you are always extremely well catered for in terms of facilities, these could easily be compared with professional facilities here in the U.K. – the program of training and preparation would not be dissimilar to a professional UK club. On game days you will eat with your teammates; the food is provided for you and will always be what’s best to help your performance on the field. Some colleges even provide a full diet program during the season, and often during the off-season, to make sure you are working towards your goals.
When playing soccer during your American Scholarship you will be in a “local” league as well as cups, but this may not be as “local” as you would think. In some states in the USA, you may have to travel up to 8 / 9 hours on a coach or 3/ 4 hours on a plane to a “local” league game. This travel time can be good bonding with your teammates and also gives you the chance to really enjoy some of the culture and experiences that America has to offer.

USA Plane

The life on campus you have during your American Scholarship can be as exciting and fulfilling as you make it. The sports teams on campus are always well known and often well respected, as they are a key part of a college’s identity. The sports teams on campus will have a multitude of students on scholarships playing soccer, football, golf and many other sports. So often the whole sports community is familiar with one another and often socialise together too.

American Campus

In summary an American Soccer Scholarship can provide you with some amazing life experiences, whilst gaining qualifications and playing at some of the best facilities in the world. The scholarship will be as fulfilling as you make it. If you apply yourself in the classroom and get good grades, this can help you get the job you really want. Employers often like to take on people who have travelled or study outside of their native country, as this shows their ability to work out of their comfort zone. If you give your best on the field, this can lead to personal and team accolades, as well as the opportunity to be noticed by professional clubs and other potential more prestigious colleges.

If you are interested in hearing more about an American Soccer Scholarship contact us at Admin@ussoccerscholarships.com.

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Following in the footsteps of other former England internationals, Steven Gerrard will be joining current MLS Cup champions L.A Galaxy at the start of next season as a direct replacement for U.S icon Landon Donavon who announced his shock retirement last year at just 32 – two years younger than Gerrard.

For U.S Soccer and MLS, Gerrard brings more than just his performances on the field to America; captain and current leading scorer for Liverpool of the English Premier League, he is arguably the second-most significant import in league history, behind David Beckham.

Gerrard USA Soccer

Beckham’s 2007 move to the Galaxy ushered in an entirely new financial structure for MLS and raised the league’s profile around the world. Beckham was obviously one of Galaxy’s three designated players but it was his sponsorships and endorsements that revolutionized financial compensation of players in the league. At 34, some may argue Gerrard’s best days are behind him however like Frank Lampard at Manchester City both are still producing the types of performances that have made them cult figures in the English game. This season he has played in 20 of Liverpool’s 21 EPL games and leads the club with 10 goals in all competitions. Six months ago, he captained England in the World Cup.

Beckham American Soccer

With MLS attracting world superstar players like Steven Gerrard it will no doubt not only increase the amount of other English professionals wanting to ply their trade in America but it will also see an increase in youth players looking to secure American soccer scholarships at U.S colleges. Collegiate level soccer effectively serves as academy systems do in the UK so playing soccer at a college doesn’t mean that people cannot go on to play professional at the end of their degree. A prime example of this is Norfolk born Dom Dwyer who was released by Norwich City as a youth player but after graduating from college was drafted into the American premier division and hasn’t looked back, ending this season as the league’s second top scorer netting 22 times for Sporting Kansas.

Dwyer US Soccer

For any young talented players in the U.K aged between 17 and 22 this too can be a reality; at U.S Soccer Scholarships we have helped place male and female soccer players at schools throughout America – all of which have had nothing to pay for their tuition. If you think this is something that would appeal to you or you know of someone who may be interested please fill in our online application and see if you could benefit from lower university fees and the opportunity to travel the world playing the sport you love everyday. An American Soccer Scholarship could be just a few clicks away…

Liam Barrett
U.S Soccer Scholarships
CoSIDA All American Athlete of the Year 2011, 2012

US Soccer Scholarships would like to welcome former Ipswich Town Ladies Coach Mark Lawrence to the team. Mark will work with the US Soccer Scholarships team as the USA Womens Soccer Scholarships Specialist.
U.S Soccer Scholarships Coach
Mark brings with him a wealth of experience, he has held many prestigious roles in women’s and mens football over the past 20 years. Mark most recently was the director at Ipswich Town’s Girl’s Center of Excellence and manager of Ipswich Town Ladies 1st Team.
In Mark’s role as US Soccer Scholarships Womens Specialist he will help advise on the the best available women’s talent from around the UK and use his vast network of contacts to help place them to the best available American colleges.
US Soccer Scholarships Team

In our latest U.S Soccer Scholarships blog we are going to be looking at Frank Lampard and his latest move…

In many ways it is good how the MLS season falls in the year as it means players are able to go out on loan to other leagues around the world in the ‘off season’ and improve themselves in order to be firing off all cylinders when the MLS season roles around in August. Most premier league players who have ended up in USA top flight soccer league, such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry and now Frank Lampard, to name a few, have all made the most of this short season.


David Beckham moved to USA team L.A Galaxy in 2008 and went on to go out on loan to AC Milan where he enjoyed a lot of success. Thierry Henry made his fairy tale return to the Gunners by scoring the winner for them against Leeds on his 2nd debut before going back to the USA MLS side New York Red Bulls.


The most current notable player to take advantage of the MLS’s short season and ‘off season’ is Frank Lampard. Lampard was release by Chelsea football club in August 2014 and he signed for New York City on a 2 year deal. However, Lampard hasn’t kicked a ball for his New club that he just signed for in USA NYCFC. Instead Lampard signed a 6 month loan deal to Man City. Interestingly the parent club of NYC FC is in fact Manchester City, so there may have been a bit of clever marketing involved. However, Lampards loan has now expired and he is due to return back to New York for post season training and meet his new teams mates, but instead Man City have extended Lampard’s stay at the club. This has promoted an angry response from fans in USA with NYCFC being accused of dishonesty for using the player in their promotional material and MLS Commissioner Don Garber being accused of poor leadership and a lack of transparency in his handling of the affair. On 1 January 2015, Manuel Pellegrini hinted that Lampard could extend his stay at Manchester City to a second season. Meanwhile Lampard has gone about his business doing what he does best, scoring goals. He now has scored 7 goals in 17 games, so it’s no wonder Man City want to try and keep hold of him.

U.S Soccer Scholarships Team

In this U.S Soccer Scholarships blog we will be reviewing the 2014 MLS season… This review won’t be the version you may have seen on the T.V because the awards are voted for by our team, so maybe a little controversial!

The U.S Soccer Scholarships team have all discussed the season at length and have just about managed to agree on the below awards…. We think!

U.S Soccer Scholarships “Goal of the Season USA” – Thierry Henry vs Sporting Kansas in week 26. This was a hotly contested award maybe there was a bit of sentiment here but what a finish, they don’t come much more top corner than this!


U.S Soccer Scholarships “Save of the Season USA” – Luis Robles vs Seattle Sounders. This double save is simple sublime. The decision on this was far easier to come to for the whole team and was head and shoulders above the rest! ( You see what we did there? )

Luis Robles

U.S Soccer Scholarships “Player of the Season USA” – Bradley Wright–Phillips. This award was so difficult to decide on, with so many players performing extremely well. Ultimately with most the U.S Soccer Scholarships team having played up front in their careers the main stat they looked at was goals and Bradley Wright-Phillips bagged an impressive 27 and led the way! Enough said!


U.S Soccer Scholarships “Team of the Season USA” – LA Galaxy. This award is no real surprise given they won the title but they also are the first American Franchise to win the MLS Cup 5 times and that’s a serious achievement! Robbie Keane had a fantastic season winning MVP and was a real catalyst for his team’s success. Now we couldn’t talk about LA Galaxy without mentioning the retirement of the legend that is Landon Donavan, and winning the title in his final season is exactly how he would have wanted to bow out. The American premier soccer league continues to grow in both popularity and in strength of teams and we say long may this continue. USA, USA, USA!!


U.S Soccer Scholarships Team

Annual costs to attend an American college/university will typically cost a student anything between $10,000 – $50,000 before a scholarship award.

If a player is successful in obtaining a scholarship from the school, this can significantly reduce the cost to anything between $2,000 – $10,000 a year for tuition fees, health insurance, food and housing. This figure compares extremely favorably to the cost of attending a UK university, as recent studies have revealed that on average most UK students can expect the cost to be well in excess of £15,000 when accommodation and food is taken into consideration.


At U.S Soccer Scholarships our main priority when working with a client is always to try and get their tuition fees covered first and foremost, as this easily makes up the majority of the student-athletes overall costs. Beyond that we then leverage our knowledge and expertise to negotiate a deal that will result in the player also receiving some or all of their living expenses too. We are proud that to date at U.S Soccer Scholarships we have yet to have a player go out to America who has had to pay anything towards their tuition fees, which as you can see is an impressive statistic taking into consideration the figures above.

British American Flag

Many soccer recruitment and consultancy companies talk freely, or in some cases make promises, about full scholarships or ‘full rides’, which means that the college will pay for a player’s tuition, accommodation, food, books and additional fees. Now although this is very much a feasible opportunity for the top-level student-athletes they should not be relied upon. The two main reasons for this are down to high competition for places and because the financial package being offered to a player will be decided upon by the American college/university and their coach not anyone acting on behalf of someone. Every coach’s budget for the season will be different and their priority in terms of filling a position will also depend on who they have graduating the following year.

Many colleges who are not in a position to offer a player a full ride initially can offer athlete incentives such as; if the student athlete consistently performs to a pre-set standard and his/her academics maintain a high level, then there their scholarship award can improve so that by their graduation year their costs are minimal.


My Thoughts…

The financial benefits of playing soccer in the USA on a scholarship are evident, but from my perspective I got so much more than a free education from my time in the United States; I got to travel and explore America, make lifelong friends with people from all across the world and develop myself both from a professional and personal point of view things that I arguably would never have been able to do without this opportunity.

For any young talented players in the U.K aged between 17 and 22 this too can be a reality; at U.S Soccer Scholarships we have helped place many soccer players at schools throughout America – all of which have had nothing to pay for tuition. If you think this is something that would appeal to you or you know of someone who may be interested please fill in our online application and see if you could benefit from lower university fees and the opportunity to travel the world playing the sport you love everyday.

Liam Barrett
U.S Soccer Scholarships

With Thierry Henry having played his last game for New York Red Bulls last Saturday, losing 4-3 to New England Revolution in the Eastern Conference Final, and potentially having played his last ever professional soccer match we thought we would provide you with ten interesting facts and stats about the infamous French talisman and former Arsenal legend that you may not have known.


5 Astonishing Henry Career Stats

1. Prior to signing for Arsenal Henry had only scored 31 club goals in 160 games.

2. During his time at Arsenal Henry scored 228 goals and provided 93 assists in just 376 appearances.

3. During his 3 seasons at Barcelona Henry won 2 La Liga titles, 2 Super Cups, 1 Champions League, 1 Copa Del Rey and 1 Club World Cup.

4. Representing his country, France, Henry scored an incredible 51 goals in only 123 games.

5. At New York Henry managed to score 51 goals and provide 41 assists in just 132 games.

Thierry Henry

10 Interesting Henry Facts

  1. Despite being Arsenal’s top goal-scorer for almost every season of his tenure there it took him eight games to get off the mark eventually scoring against Southampton at the Dell.
  2. Henry became a prolific striker and Arsenal’s all-time leading scorer with 228 goals in all competitions during his two spells at the club.
  3. The word “va-va-voom” was officially added to the Oxford Concise English Dictionary as a result of the Renault commercials starring Thierry.
  4. Thierry likes to listen to rap before he plays a match. Some of his favourite artists are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Xzibit and the Wu-Tang Klan.
  5. His two favourite movies are “The Usual Suspects” and “Antwone Fisher”.
  6. The Frenchman won two league titles and three FA Cups with the Gunners; he was nominated for the FIFA World Player of the Year twice, was named the PFA Players’ Player of the Year twice, and the FWA Footballer of the Year three times.
  7. Henry has been named in the UEFA Team of the Year five times.
  8. In 2010, he joined the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer, and won the Eastern Conference title with them in 2010. He returned to Arsenal on loan for two months in 2012.
  9. On July 5th 2003, Henry married English model Claire Merry at Highclere Castle. They had their first child, Tea, on May 27th 2005. However, soon after his transfer to Barcelona they went through a divorce.
  10. In October 2007, he surpassed Michel Platini’s record to become France’s top goal-scorer of all time.

Barcelona's Henry holds the trophy after their Champions League final soccer match against Manchester United in Rome

Looking at these amazing career facts and stats about Thierry Henry it is clear that he has made the most of his playing time, especially in the United States where he has continued his success both from an individual and team point of view.

With the MLS using colleges similar to the way professional soccer clubs in the UK use youth academies the opportunity of playing against superstars such as Thierry in Major League Soccer is very much a realistic goal for the countries best collegiate players. In fact, roughly 90% of the players who enter the MLS draft will have come from American colleges and will have attended colleges on a soccer scholarship.

Henry 4

For young gifted players in the U.K aged between 17 and 22 this too can be a reality; at U.S Soccer Scholarships we have placed soccer players at schools throughout America, many of who have gone onto play beyond their time at college. So if you think this is something that would appeal to you or you know of someone who may be interested please fill in our online application and who knows in four years’ time you could well possibly be lining up against a whole host of superstars like Thierry in Major League Soccer.




U.S Soccer Scholarships


David Beckham’s franchise team in Miami is certain to help raise the global profile of American soccer over the coming years. The MLS continues to attract some of the biggest names in world soccer with England’s very own Frank Lampard being the latest Premier League superstar to make the switch signing on with New York, although he is currently loaned out to defending premier league champions Manchester City. Undeniably, there will be millions of soccer players who would love the opportunity to play at Beckham’s franchise team when it eventually launches. The ideal scenario for any college student receiving a soccer scholarship in America will be to make it to the big time and the MLS is becoming an even more attractive proposition. Now with arguably the world’s most recognisable soccer player set to have his franchise team launched in the not too distant future this appeal will simply continue to grow.


There are still many hurdles for Beckham and his team to overcome, with the most prominent one being that they are yet to secure a location for a stadium, and there is a very real possibility that he may have to look elsewhere to start his franchise as time gets closer to the team’s inaugural season. Beckham has spoken a lot about the fact that he wants it to be a fans club and he has devoted a lot of time to generate support from the Miami locals. He still continues to be met with lots of resistance but remains positive nonetheless. Beckham’s Miami team hope to begin play in 2017, so time still is on their side, but Major League Soccer has publicly stated that they want 24 clubs in place by 2020.

becks 1

The impact of Beckham’s franchise team will be colossal and he will be able to attract players from the best leagues in the world simply because of the strength of the “Beckham brand”. The additional knock on effects of Beckham’s franchise will be increased participation of soccer in the U.S as a whole and especially in Miami, if this is where he does eventually locate the team. You would expect soccer scholarships in local colleges/universities in this area to be at a premium and will surely attract the best of the best from across America and the globe. They will no doubt have high ambitions of being noticed locally and dream of one day turning out for Beckham’s team.

For young gifted players in the U.K aged between 17 and 22 this too can be a reality; at U.S Soccer Scholarships we have placed soccer players at schools throughout America, many of who have gone onto play beyond their time at college. So if you think this is something that would appeal to you or you know of someone who may be interested please fill in our online application and who knows in four years’ time you could well possibly be lining up for Beckham and his new team.

Uncertainty still remains about where the team will be located, however we will keep posting updates on events as they progress so be sure to check our blog in the upcoming weeks.

Jamie Lewis

U.S Soccer Scholarships Director

Injury was the last thing on my mind when I flew out to America to begin my Soccer Scholarship, however 3 weeks into my life as a student-athlete I badly tore my anterior cruciate ligament within a few weeks of being out there, which required me to go into hospital. The health care in the states is all private, so having insurance is a must and luckily for me I had bought mine through a reliable and reputable company. You are covered to a certain degree by the college/university with insurance, however if you require any operations or anything that require you to go to a hospital because of an injury not sustained during soccer then I am afraid that most universities will not cover your expenses.

American Insurance

Around the same time that I was recovering from my injury I had a teammate who ruptured his achilles and he needed to have surgery the same day. He was in hospital for 5 days and then went back for check-ups over the next 2 months. All in all he racked up a bill of over $25,000, he told me it was a good job he took out travel insurance before he came out, otherwise he would have been struggling to pay that hefty hospital bill.

Healthcare in America is private, meaning you have to pay for everything when it comes to medical services. For example, if you required an ambulance to get you to the hospital, this could cost anywhere between $200-$600 depending on which state you are in.

It is not just sporting injuries you need insurance for, as you are in a different country it may be a bit of a shock to your system, you will come across many new things that you will have to get used to, from the colourings and e numbers they put into food, to the type of grass they have. It is quite easy to pick up an allergy to any of these.

You need to ensure that when you fill out your insurance details, you are very accurate with your medical history. This will effect what sort of cover you receive.

Hopefully you will never have to use your travel/medical insurance, but it is good to know that you have the right cover in place if you ever require it. Here at U.S SS we recognise the importance of having insurance, having been through the process ourselves, and that is why we are partnered up with a service provider that we know can offer our players a trustworthy and cost-effective solution.



Ash Veitch

U.S Soccer Scholarships Director

American student-athletes must always remember that the student bit comes first for a reason!

A percentage of your decision (be it minimal or a majority) will be based upon you wanting to gain a degree in your desired field. Therefore it is vitally important that you choose the right course that suits you best. There are a number of factors you will need to consider when selecting your preferred course and below are some frequently asked questions we encounter from students or encourage them to ask themselves:

Do I enjoy that subject area?

This may seem like an obvious question, but you would be surprised at the number of student- athletes that will select a course without really look into what it entails, then when classes roll around they soon realise it maybe isn’t what they are expecting. It is tough to change courses once you are enrolled on one so you need to make sure that you are studying something you have prior knowledge in or one at least you know you will enjoy and have a genuine interest in!


How many credit hours do I need to graduate?

In a U.S college or university, students typically receive credit hours based on the number of “contact hours” per week in class, for one term. A contact hour includes any lecture or lab time when the professor is teaching the student or coaching the student while they apply the course information to an activity. This means you need to turn up to class when you are timetabled to as it can count against your hours if you have poor attendance in a particular class, thus meaning you could fail. Every course requires a different amount of credit hours in order to graduate and may vary from college to college.

Can I do a course with my friends?

As we all know, having friends in your class makes life easier and a lot more comfortable. However, part of the scholarship experience is moving away from your ‘normal’ environment and getting you to meet and interact with people from different cultures. In class, this is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that by working in groups and on projects you will maximise your experiences whilst out there in the U.S. But don’t panic because the chances are if you are doing the same course as your friends and teammates then the college/university shall place you together in order to help you with the transition.


Final thoughts…

It is important to remember that there is a direct correlation between how you behave in the classroom and your soccer collegiate career in America. In all U.S colleges/universities you need to maintain a certain GPA (grade point average) in order to keep your eligibility. If you aren’t performing academically then your coach will be informed and you will not be eligible to play at least until you are up to speed with your classes. Most colleges provide tutors for each athletic team, so if you feel you are struggling all you need to do is talk to your coach.

If you have any additional questions about anything discussed in this post please email us at info@ussoccerscholarships.com or alternatively refer to our frequently asked questions featured on the website.


U.S Soccer Scholarships Team